Advocating for the people of New York

Roth & Roth, LLP goes to battle for their clients’ rights everyday. In the courthouse or the conference room we are going head to head with municipalities, insurance companies, corporations and individuals that have wrongfully injured and damaged our clients. Our superior results are based upon competent, reputable and professional advocacy.

A person who has been injured needs a lawyer who sees them not only as a case, but as an individual; someone who is concerned not just with the outcome of litigation but with the well-being of the client. Roth & Roth has represented injured individuals and their families throughout New York for years. We have the skill to guide our clients and their families through the complex processes of all types of accident cases.

Unlike many other law firms, we do absolutely no paid advertising. All of our new cases are referred to us from previous clients as well as other attorneys throughout the New York area, who call upon us when their cases require our skills and expertise.

It was a good experience working with Roth & Roth. They cared about me and the outcome of my case. David is magnificent! At my hearing, David was really great. He was well prepared and thorough. He even put up a screen in Court to show the extent of my injuries. He was so insightful when he saw I was nervous and uncomfortable with the questioning by the other sides’ lawyer. He called for a “time out” so I could “get it together”. His words of understanding and “Don’t worry, we have a comeback” really helped me. Audra is sweet and caring. She made sure everything was taken care of even with travel directions to the Court so I wouldn’t get lost. If I had any questions, the answers were always given in a way that was easy to understand. If I needed to call, and the person was not in, someone always got back to me. I always felt they cared about me. Marc, Audra and – OMG David … all great. And their staff is great too!


Working with Roth & Roth was a wonderful experience and felt like they were like family … like my relatives. When David was busy, I spoke to Audra. When Audra was busy, I spoke to David. The whole office was so nice to me. I was informed of all the details of my case. Everything was explained to me – and no matter how many times I asked the questions, they gave me the answers in a way I would understand. They worked very hard on my case. Beyond a doubt, I would recommend them to anyone who needs wonderful lawyers!


David Roth is a hard worker. I worked with Audra and Marc when they joined the firm. Everything was explained to me and they always answered any questions I had. They were always available for me. I have some friends who looked for lawyers and I recommended Roth & Roth. I will always recommend them.


Roth & Roth were very helpful. They always returned my calls. The girls in the office are wonderful. I worked with Audra, Marc and David. They always made me feel comfortable and at ease. They prepared me very well so I wasn’t nervous. I have recommended Roth & Roth to members of my family. Roth & Roth are so important to me that I even have them on my Speed Dial! And what’s more, I’m happy that even after my case was settled, they still took the time to answer any questions I had. I liked that!


Roth & Roth fully prepared us during the case and put my family at ease through each step in the case. I would definitely recommend Roth & Roth to anyone who needs caring, competent attorneys who will get the best result and treat you like a person while doing so. It was always more important that our concerns were understood and taken care of when we called rather than to rush us off the phone.


Roth & Roth handled my personal injury case efficiently, satisfactorily and with expertise. I was kept informed every step of the way. I appreciated their support and guidance. All calls were always returned. They were always willing to listen. I was kept apprised of everything about my case. My needs, this time as a client,( as I myself am an attorney) were fully carried out. I will recommend Roth & Roth to anyone in need of an attorney.