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At Roth & Roth we handle almost every possible variety of these types of cases. We have successfully handled the gamut of cases from the most straight forward rear end auto collision to complex products cases where the tensile strength of metals was the determinative factor in finding liability for certain athletic equipment.

In the United States of America, our legal system provides for victims of negligence to be compensated for their lost earnings, pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and all other types of harm associated with sustaining injuries through either the accidental or intentional acts of others. To seek compensation for injuries sustained due to the negligent or intentional acts of another is to avail oneself of the constitutional rights and the overwhelming theory on which this great country has been founded: People, corporations and even municipalities shall be held responsible for their actions. Without financial responsibility there will never be an incentive for these entities to place safety over personal gain or corporate profits. The legal system has been designed to create a safer place for us all to live.

David A. RothAttorney
David A. Roth, founding Partner of Roth & Roth, LLP admitted in 1992 to the bars of New York, New Jersey, US Eastern and Southern Districts of NY. Additionally, he has been admitted to try cases in the states of California and Virginia.

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Audra RothPartner
A member of the New York State Trial Lawyer’s Association, NYSTLA’s Fault Committee, the New York City Bar Association and attending annual lobbying events at the New York State Legislature, Audra Roth is a vigorous advocate for her clients.

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Marc Hepworthof Counsel
Marc S. Hepworth, has been of Counsel to the firm for many years. His outstanding ability in and out of the courtroom has translated into many important decisions that appear in the website herein.

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Elliot ShieldsAssociate
Elliot Shields, Esq, is an associate attorney with Roth & Roth, LLP, where his practice focuses on litigation against municipal defendants, including civil rights violations under state and federal law, wrongful convictions, Freedom of Information Law litigation, and municipal negligence cases.

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