$9.5 Million

Municipal Highway design  – Quadriplegia and Traumatic Brain Injury

$5.1 Million

Automobile/Truck accident – Traumatic Brain Injury

$4 Million

Pedestrian hit by Bus – Traumatic Brain Injury

$3 Million

Truck accident – Traumatic Brain Injury

$2.2 Million

Pedestrian Struck by Falling sign – Traumatic Brain Injury

$2 Million

Tenant in building raped by super

$1.87 Million

Surgeon improperly performs liposuction – Stroke and heart attack

$1.2 Million

Surgical mesh tacked to abdominal wall causing multiple surgeries and infections


Laborer falls out of dumpster – Fractured calcaneus (heel bone)


Truck/Auto Accident – Disc injury requiring a lumbar fusion


Rear end limousine accident – Fractured femur and fractured thumb


Trip and fall due to peeling linoleum on interior staircase – Closed fractured tibia with consequential infection


Passenger SUV rollover – Fractured humerus


Excessive Hot water burn from faucet – hot water burns on ankle and foot


Truck/Automobile accident – Knee injury – torn meniscus


Electric Shock – Con Ed and private building owner – RSD due to shock resolved.


Elevator mis-leveling – torn medial collateral ligament


 Laborer falls into a pit in a basement – lumbar disc surgery – fully recovered and went back to work


 Pedestrian trips and falls on sidewalk – Fractured Wrist


Hospital negligence causes fire to break out and causes burns to patient – Burns on hands and legs


Child in carpeting store was struck by falling roll of carpet – Fractured fibula


Bus let out passenger at unsafe location – Fractured ankle


Slip and fall water in supermarket floor – Disc injury with injections


Sudden stop on a NYCTA bus – fractured clavicle




It was a good experience working with Roth & Roth. They cared about me and the outcome of my case. David is magnificent! At my hearing, David was really great. He was well prepared and thorough. He even put up a screen in Court to show the extent of my injuries. He was so insightful when he saw I was nervous and uncomfortable with the questioning by the other sides’ lawyer. He called for a “time out” so I could “get it together”. His words of understanding and “Don’t worry, we have a comeback” really helped me. Audra is sweet and caring. She made sure everything was taken care of even with travel directions to the Court so I wouldn’t get lost. If I had any questions, the answers were always given in a way that was easy to understand. If I needed to call, and the person was not in, someone always got back to me. I always felt they cared about me. Marc, Audra and – OMG David … all great. And their staff is great too!

— Caroline Charriah



Working with Roth & Roth was a wonderful experience and felt like they were like family … like my relatives. When David was busy, I spoke to Audra. When Audra was busy, I spoke to David. The whole office was so nice to me. I was informed of all the details of my case. Everything was explained to me – and no matter how many times I asked the questions, they gave me the answers in a way I would understand. They worked very hard on my case. Beyond a doubt, I would recommend them to anyone who needs wonderful lawyers!

— James Rivero



David Roth is a hard worker. I worked with Audra and Marc when they joined the firm. Everything was explained to me and they always answered any questions I had. They were always available for me. I have some friends who looked for lawyers and I recommended Roth & Roth. I will always recommend them.

— Jonathan Barber



Roth & Roth were very helpful. They always returned my calls. The girls in the office are wonderful. I worked with Audra, Marc and David. They always made me feel comfortable and at ease. They prepared me very well so I wasn’t nervous. I have recommended Roth & Roth to members of my family. Roth & Roth are so important to me that I even have them on my Speed Dial! And what’s more, I’m happy that even after my case was settled, they still took the time to answer any questions I had. I liked that!

— Gloria Rivera



Roth & Roth fully prepared us during the case and put my family at ease through each step in the case. I would definitely recommend Roth & Roth to anyone who needs caring, competent attorneys who will get the best result and treat you like a person while doing so. It was always more important that our concerns were understood and taken care of when we called rather than to rush us off the phone.

— Kris Shievkumaro