wage and hour class actions

In response to our client's complaints that their employers were failing to pay them proper wages, overtime, and tips as well as discrimination against them, we partnered with Marc S. Hepworth and Charles Gershbaum to form Hepworth, Gershbaum & Roth, PLLC, a firm that concentrates on protecting the rights of employees and their rights for fair wages. 

Employment Law/Wage & Hour litigation is what we concentrate on at Hepworth Gershbaum & Roth. We represent both individuals and classes of employees for violations of state and federal statutes governing employee compensation. Each state has its own minimum wage, and employment laws regarding hourly pay, overtime pay, lunch breaks, meal breaks, etc. New York law requires employers to give notice of the overtime policies and keep track of regular and overtime hours worked. There is also Federal law that applies to employers and employees known as the Fair Labor Standards Act.

When considering if you or a loved one as an employee have a valid compensation case you'll want to be able to answer the following questions to the best of your ability:

  • Does the employee work for more than 40 hours a week?
  • Does the employee get paid overtime?
  • Is the employee in management - if so, in what capacity?
  • If they are in "management" are they doing management work?
  • Does the employee get paid hourly or salary?
  • Is the employee considered an employee or an independent contractor?
  • Does the employee get paid breaks?
  • Does the employee get paid for all time worked?
  • Does the employee get tips?
  • If there is overtime, is overtime paid after 40 hours?
  • Are they in a union?
  • Was there an employment contract?
  • Was there a severance agreement and release?
  • What are the job duties and responsibilities?
  • Are they paid by a payroll service?
  • Does the employer keep track of all the regular and overtime hours worked?
  • Did the employer send out a formal notice to the employee with the employee's identifying information on the notice regarding the employee's rate of compensation and overtime rate?
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Roth & Roth Client
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