Municipal Highway design  – Quadriplegia and Traumatic Brain Injury


Automobile/Truck accident – Traumatic Brain Injury


Pedestrian hit by Bus – Traumatic Brain Injury


Truck accident – Traumatic Brain Injury


Pedestrian Struck by Falling sign – Traumatic Brain Injury


Tenant in building raped by super


Surgeon improperly performs liposuction – Stroke and heart attack


Surgical mesh tacked to abdominal wall causing multiple surgeries and infections


Laborer falls out of dumpster – Fractured calcaneus (heel bone)


Truck/Auto Accident – Disc injury requiring a lumbar fusion


Rear end limousine accident – Fractured femur and fractured thumb


Trip and fall due to peeling linoleum on interior staircase – Closed fractured tibia with consequential infection


Passenger SUV rollover – Fractured humerus


Excessive Hot water burn from faucet – hot water burns on ankle and foot


Truck/Automobile accident – Knee injury – torn meniscus


Electric Shock – Con Ed and private building owner – RSD due to shock resolved.


Elevator mis-leveling – torn medial collateral ligament


 Laborer falls into a pit in a basement – lumbar disc surgery – fully recovered and went back to work


 Pedestrian trips and falls on sidewalk – Fractured Wrist


Hospital negligence causes fire to break out and causes burns to patient – Burns on hands and legs


Child in carpeting store was struck by falling roll of carpet – Fractured fibula


Bus let out passenger at unsafe location – Fractured ankle


Slip and fall water in supermarket floor – Disc injury with injections


Sudden stop on a NYCTA bus – fractured clavicle